There's no going back

Your market, partners and customers are changing and there is no turning back

Digital consumers and remote workers. Everyone's behaviors are changing rapidly and will not return to normal. It only remains to decide if your organization is willing to invest what is necessary to keep up with the changes and to pass the test of time like Netflix or stay in oblivion like Blockbuster

It is a unique moment to innovate and react faster than your competition.

Will you take advantage of this space to lead your industry by focusing on what really matters?

Remote work team performance

Preventing the collapse of your teams must be a priority. Working remotely is not putting video conferencing and taking the office to virtual. It is a model of people management supported by technology, but with a focus on group and individual well-being.

Future-fore- front- head- next- anterior

Sales, online support and new product development

In an uncertain scenario, it is crucial to avoid a decrease in sales, the collapse of service channels, the loss of customers due to a bad online experience or the irrelevance of your products and services to a consumer or user with new priorities

Operations Automation

With remote teams of people and on-site teams in times of crisis, the use of digital technologies for process automation, planning and management control is mandatory, minimizing human error

Wouldn't it be ideal to have a concrete plan of action to answer these questions in the shortest possible time and get ahead of the competition?

You don't need a plan document, you need solutions.

You don't need another 100-page plan on your desk, you need to keep your organization competitive. You can always have someone do your thesis. We prefer to give you solutions.

Using our methodology that integrates Service Design, Agility (Scrum) and Design Thinking tools, we analyze your current situation and accompany you in the process of prioritizing and solving the key aspects that allow you to maintain and improve your competitiveness. And in case you were wondering, yes, we have the experience and tools to do everything remotely.

We give you concrete recommendations that you can execute in the short term, action plans, tools, training and functional prototypes of technology to improve the priority aspects of your business such as operational management, customers, knowledge, support and service channels.

There is no room for endless projects and unlimited budgets. Our approach is very concrete

  • Diseño de servicios

    Customer journey optimization

    To design unforgettable experiences focused on users and new products / services that adapt and transcend the current scenario

  • transformacion digital

    Agile team management

    Implement an agile management model that integrates remote and field teams, with the right practices and technology to increase productivity without sacrificing mental health

  • tecnologias emergentes

    Digital channels design

    Integrated design of digital customer service channels, understanding the tools used by each type of consumer, with a focus on satisfaction, loyalty and sales

  • Investigación y desarrollo

    Rapid Prototyping

    Using low-code technologies, rapid web and mobile application development for early results, validation, improvement and implementation of customer service and operations solutions

Why us?

  • Because the founding partners have been together for more than 20 years and 100,000 hours designing, developing and implementing digital transformation projects, in organizations of various sizes, in the public and private sectors, knowing the typical problems in this type of projects
  • Clients such as Transbank, GTD Group, BCI, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, AIEP, COPEC, SENCE, Chilecompra, PROPAL, University of Chile, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, IncubaUC and CNID, among others, have passed through our hands (and minds)
  • Among the projects developed, we have the experience of working with all types of technologies, process redesign, training, change management, intensive use of data and public projects that affect millions of citizens
  • We transfer the knowledge to your team, so they can move forward without the need for external advice
  • We deliver technological tools or teach their use as part of the service, to speed up the processes
  • We don't charge by the hour, what matters to us is the result. That is, that your business works successfully and we are committed to it until the end, without surprises in the costs.
  • We have more than two decades of experience in remote work, so we can manage all kinds of projects in complex conditions.
  • We have a network of top-level collaborators and partners in different areas of knowledge.

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